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Welcome to! brings you expert hurricane forecasts and cruise weather at many popular tropical destinations. The hurricane and tropical weather forecasters at do not simply copy the National Hurricane Center's forecast and repeat it. You will also not find a forecast of weather icons that was computer generated without human input. We interpret the weather information ourselves to give you added insight in our tropical weather and hurricane forecasts.

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Since Hurricane Katrina, and more recently Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, many have realized the power and destructive force that hurricanes can bring. For those times when the weather turns rough, you can trust our hurricane forecasts. You can check the hurricane forecast message board to stay informed on the latest forecasts for hurricanes and tropical storms. We have images of national weather service radars and satellite images in our reports to help better tell the weather story.

Here at, you can learn about hurricane preparedness, hurricane forecasting and see pictures of past hurricanes in our hurricane galleries. For those interested in hurricanes, there is an "answers to your questions about hurricanes" section where "Ty Phoon", our expert hurricane forecaster answers common questions about hurricanes. You can even take quizzes on hurricanes and tropical weather on our Tropical Trivia page.

Cruise Forecasts
Before making a reservation for your next cruise, check with us for cruise forecast climatology. In addition, you will find links to popular cruise lines such as Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, Princess, and Royal Caribbean. Several cruise lines have webcams on the ship so that you see their voyages in real time. If you are new to cruising you may want to check our "cruise center" tab at the top of the page. Just click on the cruise articles page where you will find articles to help you know what to take on your next cruise.

You can also browse articles on popular cruise destinations such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, Bermuda, The Bahamas and other locations. The cruise articles incorporate a short summmary and table of weather averages that show temperatures and rainfall. Maps of the resort area can be found at the bottom of each article. Google maps are used so that you can zoom in or out to suit your needs. The cruise summaries also cover sunrise and sunset times so that you can have a better idea on how to plan your day.

A Weather and Travel Community
Please stop by the weather and travel message boards, so that you can interact with others who live in or have taken vacations in Mexico, Florida, the Caribbean or other tropical locations.

The hurricane and travel weather message board will give you an opportunity to ask questions or post comments about weather conditions or check the latest tropical weather forecast for the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda, The Bahamas and Hawaii.

On the message board, you can ask others advice on cruises, resorts, theme parks, or anything related to travel. If you want a quick update on tropical weather and travel, check our facebook and twitter pages. We have special tropical weather blogs on our wordpress hurricane and travel blog.

Visit Before and While You are Traveling
When planning your next trip, you can check the average high and low temperatures for your destination. This will help in planning the best time to travel as well as what to pack. You can also check out the average number of days of rain at your resort location. All of this will help you know when and where to travel.

If you are planning on collecting shells at the beach or watching the sunset, has sunrise/sunset times as well as beach water temperatures to help you plan your day.

Sailing, fishing or golf outings can also be planned around information that you can find here. Webcams are available so that you can see the weather at selected resorts or on cruise ships before you travel. We are here to help you make your next trip the most enjoyable!

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