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  • Cruise line comparison: Carnival or Royal Caribbean?

    Are you a newbie to crusing? Have you heard others speak about their cruise vacations but can't decide what cruise line that would suit your needs? Explore the differences between Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines before you book your next cruise.

  • How to pick your next cruise

    There are a lot of distinguishing factors to help you select your next cruise. The following article discusses age, ports of call and other factors to help narrow your search…

  • Ten items not to forget on your next Caribbean cruise

    Before heading off on your next cruise, be prepared! Read about ten common and not so common items to take on your next cruise to tropical destinations like the Caribbean, Bermuda, The Bahamas, or Mexico.

  • Where do hurricanes occur?

    It's hurricane season everyday somewhere around the globe! Before making plans to travel, find out where and what time of year that hurricanes and typhoons could impact your trip.

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