Items that you don't want to forget on your next Caribbean cruise

Ten items to take on your next cruise
Here are a few items to pack before heading on your next cruise to the Caribbean, Bermuda, the Bahamas, or Mexico.

  • 1. Ambient Noise Maker It's possible that for a variety of reasons that the guests next door may keep you up longer than you would like to stay up. Kids running up and down the halls or neighbors that have had one too many to drink, can disturb you from getting a good night's rest. An ambient noise maker can help drown out the background noise and give you a better night's sleep. You can by one or even use an app on your smart phone. Either way, you'll be very happy that you remembered this item!

  • 2. Snorkeling Equipment If you are taking a cruise to tropical waters, there is a good chance that snorkeling is on your itinerary. Snorkeling excursions with your cruise ship usually have swim fins, swim mask, and a snorkel included free of charge. You need to think though - were those snorkels disinfected properly? How many mouths have been on that snorkel? If you don't take your own equiptment and are on an tour not associated with your cruise, you may have to pay a large rental fee. Either way, the inconvenience of carrying snorkeling gear is well worth it.

  • 3. Small Denomination Bills You will be tipping during your trip. Take Plenty of ones and fives to have handy tip money.

  • 4. Sea Sick Medicine You never know when the rolling seas will make your stomach sick. There are patches and other medications to help ease sea sickness. This can be the difference between a great cruise and one that you want to forget.

  • 5. Diarrhea Medicine Yuck. From a bad drink of water on a tropical island to many preservatives in some foods, these problems can lead to a spoiled vacation. Yes, the cruise ship doctors have this medicine, but it's possible that you'll be quarantined if they think you have a stomach bug. Play it safe and remember to take this with you.

  • 6. Cell Phone On some islands you may actually be able to call home without having to pay for higher fees from the ship or "calling shops" on land. Check with the cruise line and ask before leaving if the ports of call have good cell service. Remember to also check with your phone carrier for what type of expenses will be incurred for calling abroad. Of course cell phones take great pictures too, so you may not need to take a camera.

  • 7. Plastic Bag A small plastic zip-lock bag comes in handy for keeping money, passports, or other important documents dry. Rain showers or ocean spray while on excursions can damage these items.

  • 8. Back Pack Great for carrying your camera, snacks, water, sunscreen, or other items while on an excursion.

  • 9. Comfortable Shoes Sandals can rub blisters on your feet. A good, comfortable pair of shoes are especially important on excursions where a lot of walking is called for.

  • 10. Hat A baseball cap or another type of hat is a good way of keeping your head from getting sunburned. It doesn't take long in the tropics to get sunburned with the high sun angle. Along with the hat make sure to use plenty of sunscreen. If you forget it, there are plenty of locations to buy some. Remember if you get a bad sunburn early on your trip, it could ruin beach days later on.

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