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Articles about hurricanes and tropical weather

  1. A summary of hurricane Sandy

    Even though Sandy lost its tropical classifification just before landfall on the New Jersey coast, it still brought about catstrophic destruction. Read the story hurricane Sandy and how it impacted the Northeastern U.S. in late 2012.

  2. Hurricane Threats

    An article exploring the threats from a hurricane - flooding, storm surge, tornadoes, and high winds.

  3. Preseason hurricane preparedness

    Know what to do before hurricane season starts to be prepared from the threat of a tropical cyclone.

  4. Global Warming's effect on hurricanes

    There has been a lot of discussion on the recent warming of the earth's average temperature. Has it, or will it, affect the number or intensity of hurricanes? Explore the causes and effects of global warming on hurricanes.

  5. How to forecast hurricanes

    How do weather forecasters predict hurricanes? See what goes into preparing a hurricane forecast.

  6. Where do hurricanes occur?

    Hurricanes occur only in certain parts of the world. Find out where.

  7. A summary of Hurricane Ike

    Hurricane Ike recently inflicted heavy damage on parts of the Caribbean Islands and U.S. Read about Ike's trail of destruction.

  8. How do hurricanes form?

    Have you ever wondered how a hurricane forms? Why do they form mostly during summer in the tropics? Find out what it takes to have a hurricane form.

  9. What causes hurricanes?

    What is the "trigger" that starts a hurricane? Find out what needs to happen in the atmosphere before a hurricane can form.

  10. A summary of Hurricane Omar

    Read about the second "wrong way" hurricane in recent memory

  11. A summary of Hurricane Paloma

    Hurricane Paloma: The second strongest November hurricane on record.

  12. Careers as a TV meteorologist

    Have you thought about becoming a TV weathercaster? Find out what schooling is required and what a typical day is like for an on-air meteorologist.

  13. Could a category five hurricane hit New York City?

    If the right set of atmospheric parameters came together, would it be enough to produce a category five hurricane that could hit New York City? Read what it would take for this to happen and find out if it is actually possible.

  14. What's the weather like when traveling to...

    What's the weather like when traveling to... is the question that many people ask before going on vaction or planning a business trip. Find out what the weather is like in Mexico, the Caribbean, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Florida, Hawaii and other locations before planning your trip.

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