Tropical Trivia Medium Quiz #3


On average, the size of a hurricane is about....

  30-40 miles
  100-150 miles
  300-400 miles
  700-900 miles


On Average, the size of an eye of a hurricane is about...

  2-3 miles
  20-30 miles
  50-75 miles
  100 miles


Where is the most likely place to find a tornado in a hurricane?

  Eye wall
  Rain bands
  Tornadoes don't form in hurricanes


Which of the following generally doesn't produce much rainfall?

  Tropical depression
  Tropical storm
  All tropical cyclones can produce heavy rainfall


In which part of the world have tropical cyclones caused the most loss of life?

  Central America


What rare tropical cyclone event occured in 2004?

  A hurricane hit southern California
  A hurricane developed two eyes, side by side
  A hurricane formed in the south Atlantic Ocean
  A hurricane stalled over Bermuda for ten days


Why don't hurricanes form at the equator?

  Too many clouds
  Weak Coriolis force
  Winds are too strong
  Sea water is too cold


What would be the BEST way to study a hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?

  Ship reports
  Hurricane Hunter information


What would be the BEST way to study a hurricane near the coast?

  Hurricane Hunter information
  Buoy data


In preparing for a hurricane, it is usually a good idea to tape windows to help them not shatter from strong winds.


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