Tropical Trivia Medium Quiz #2


What does "CDO" mean in reference to a hurricane?

  Cloud Description Opaque
  Cumulus Dynamtically Oriented
  Civil Defense Operation
  Central Dense Overcast


Which of the following would not steer a hurricane?

  Cold front
  Cloud seeding
  Bermuda high
  Upper-air trough


Which of the following COULD stop a hurricane?

  A nuclear bomb
  Cloud seeding
  Very large fans on the coast
  None of the above


When the eye of a hurricane passes directly overhead you can expect the winds on the opposite side of the eye to....

  Blow in the same direction
  Blow in the opposite direction
  Usually get a lot stronger
  Usually get a lot weaker


What is a tropical depression?

  Any low pressure area in the tropics
  Any low pressure area over the ocean
  Tropical cyclone with sustained winds less then 39 mph
  A person having a bad day in the tropics


What is a hurricane WATCH?

  A hurricane is being watched on satellite or radar
  Hurricane conditions may affect the area within 7 days
  Hurricane conditions may affect the area within 48 hours
  A new designer watch by Timex


What is a hurricane WARNING?

  Hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours
  Hurricane conditions are expected within 7 days
  A hurricane has been spotted on radar
  A hurricane has been spotted on satellite


To accurately know the size of a storm surge, which factor is NOT important?

  Slope of the coast offshore
  Strength of the winds
  Direction of the winds
  Air temperature
  Phase of tides


Who are the Hurricane Hunters?

  News people who chase hurricanes
  Deer hunters who hunt during hurricane conditions
  Members of the 53rd weather reconnaissance squadron
  A remote tribe in the Caribbean hurricane belt


Does global warming affect hurricane numbers and strength?

  Only during El Nino years
  Yes, it is a proven fact
  There is not enough data to know for sure
  About 25% so far

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