Tropical Trivia Hard Quiz #1


Hurricane Floyd will be remembered for its:

  Wind damage in south Florida
  Storm surge in north Florida
  Historic flooding in the Mid-Atlantic
  Record low pressure over New York City


The storm surge of a hurricane is very destructive. About how much does a cubic foot of sea water weigh in pounds?



Which of the following was not a category 5 hurricane at landfall?

  Labor Day Hurricane 1935


Where are the strongest winds in a hurricane?

  Rain Bands
  Eye wall near the surface
  Eye wall several thousand feet above the ground


What was the smallest eye ever measured in a hurricane?

  2 miles
  5 miles
  8 miles
  11 miles


Give the best answer on what causes a storm surge in a hurricane.

  Low pressure in the eye
  Strong winds
  Mostly low pressure, some strong wind effects
  Mostly strong winds, some low pressure effects


What is the most deadly effect of a hurricane?

  Inland flooding
  Wind damage
  Storm surge


What condition should NOT exist for a hurricane to develop?

  Warm water of about 80 degress Fahrenheit or higher
  Pre existing disturbance
  Low wind shear
  Very stable air


In the Atlantic Ocean, most hurricanes form from:

  Easterly waves
  Upper air low pressure centers
  A cold front
  Trade wind trough


The main factor for a hurricane's strengthening or weakening in the Atlantic basin is:

  Wind shear
  Coriolis force
  Direction of motion
  Ocean water temperature

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