Florida Water Temperatures

Florida beach water temperatures are derived from official National Weather Service / NOAA coastal water reporting stations. Offshore water temperatures are from NOAA buoys. Some buoy and tidal stations that do not report are obtained using an estimate from satellite data. Keep an eye on the surf water temperature at your favorite resort location such as Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, South Beach, Sanibel, Destin and more. Florida water temperatures are updated all year.

Florida water temperatures are the warmest near Palm Beach during the winter months. The Florida Peninsula juts a little east here closer to the Gulf Stream. Summer months Florida water temperatures are more uniform where the sun angle is high across the whole state. During the spring expect somewhat cooler water temperatures on the east coast especially north of Cape Canaveral due to times of upwelling. That is when offshore winds allow for cooler, deeper water to come to the surface. During the autumn months beach water temperatures gradually cool down and is most pronounced on the northern beaches.

Florida Beach Water Temperatures

Florida Water Temps

Seasonal water temperatures:

Daytona Beach monthly average beach water temperature
Miami Beach monthly average beach water temperature
Key West monthly average beach water temperature
Pensacola / Destin monthly average beach water temperature

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