Tropical Trivia Easy Quiz #3


What would you NOT normally not find in a hurricane?

  Heavy Rain
  Very strong winds
  Dust Devils
  Isolated tornadoes when it is making landfall


Usually most of the damage from a hurricane is from the tornadoes that they produce.



What is a hurricane strike?

  A good pitch from one of the Hurricanes baseball pitchers
  A particular location which experiences hurricane force winds
  10 pins knocked down in a frame by a Hurricanes bowler
  Picketing workers from the Hurricane company


Assuming that you are out of the storm tide zone, where would you be LEAST safe from a hurricane?

  Official government shelter
  Large open room
  Small room with no windows


You should NOT do the following in preparing for a hurricane.....

  Put up shutters
  Get flashlights ready
  Open windows to equalize pressure
  Buy extra food and water


What country lost many treasure ships in hurricanes while exploring the New World?



What type of instrument can be used to study a hurricane?

  All of the above


Hurricanes are most common...

  in the winter when the weather is the coldest
  in the spring when cold fronts are active
  only during leap years
  in the late summer and early fall when sea water is warmest


What BEST describes the weather in a typical hurricane.....

  Many tornadoes
  Strong winds
  Heavy rains
  Both B and C


A hurricane's effects can be felt many miles inland.


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