Tropical Trivia Easy Quiz #1


In which place can a hurricane not form?

  Gulf of Mexico
  Caribbean Sea
  Atlantic Ocean


What has been carried by the eye of a hurricane many miles from its home?



Which of the following would you not use to make a hurricane forecast?

  Computer models
  Radar imagery
  Satellite imagery
  Weather dart board


A hurricane can form in the water near Alaska.



How are hurricanes named?

  By the World Meteorological Organization
  By the president, once every four years
  Hurricane forecasters draw names from a hat
  Friends or realitives of hurricane forecasters


Hurricanes can hit the same location more than once.



What of the following is true about a hurricane?

  They can never last for more than one day
  They cause a lot of snow
  They have heavy rain and strong winds
  They usually produce very hot weather


What happens when the list of Atlantic hurricane names runs out?

  Go to next year's list
  Start the list over with a 2 next to each name
  Use the Greek alphabet
  The hurricane season is declared "over"


"NHC" stands for.....

  Never Herd Cats
  New Hair Club
  Norwegian Heat Committee
  National Hurricane Center


What are the "Doldrums"?

  A 1960's rock band
  A region of light winds near the equator
  A drum that sounds very dull
  A new TV reality show

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