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Are you interested in what the weather will be like on you next cruise? Our weather forecasts can help you plan ahead. Don't count on simply what other weather services provide. Many times those weather forecasts on the internet are simply computerized forecasts turned into weather icons.

We can alert you to any tropical cyclone activity or other significant weather event during your trip. Weather events such as an unexpected strong cold front may increase winds and seas, or an upper air low can bring widespread heavy rainfall and flooding concerns.

Keep in mind that weather forecasting is more complex farther into the future and has more inaccuracies that are introduced into the weather forecast models. Many cruises travel to tropical locations, where "pop up" showers and storms can occur. It is nearly impossibe to forecast rain for an exact location and time in the tropics.

A common question that we receive is for hurricanes impacting a trip a week or two in advance. This is not reasonable even though some businesses will try to offer this service. We feel that inaccuraccies in the weather models are too large and would only serve to "cry wolf". Hurricanes that form off the coast of Africa can be tracked with more reliability sometimes up to a week in advance. Otherwise, tropical cyclones that form in the Gulf of Mexico or western Caribbean can occur quickly with lead time of less than a couple of days. You can always check the latest hurricane conditions on the message board, or our facebook and twitter pages.


    Long Range Forecast:
  • This forecast is for months / year in advance and is for planning purposes.
  • What you get: Weather averages and generalized sea conditions expected for that time of year.

    Medium Range Forecast:
  • This forecast is for cruises that end 6-10 days in advance and is for a "first look" forecast.
  • What you get: Weather forecast for your trip that includes temperature / weather / sea forecasts

    Short Range Forecast:
  • This forecast is for cruises that end 5 or less days in advance.
  • What you get: Weather forecast for your trip that includes temperature / weather / sea forecasts

Sample forecast for a seven day eastern Caribben cruise from Miami, Florida leaving Saturday afternoon and returning on Sunday morning during July.

This forecast was requested five days in advance. The first few days would be considered a medium range forecast. The last few days would be more than 10 days out. Keep in mind that your cruise forecast will have most detail the first few days. Also, cruises that travel east will be breezy going against the trade winds. The motion of the ship combined with the winds cause winds 30-40 mph. Cruises traveling with the trade wind will usually have light winds.
  • No tropcial cyclones are expected at time of forecast
  • Saturday Afternoon: Leave Port of Miami - Partly cloudy with scattered PM thundershowers, Highs near 90. Seas 3-6 feet.
  • Sunday: Private island, Central Bahamas - Mostly sunny with only isolated showers. Highs near 90.
  • Monday: At sea - Mostly sunny to partly cloudy with few showers possible. Highs in the mid to upper 80s. Seas ranging from 4-7 feet.
  • Tuesday: St. Thomas, USVI - Partly to mostly cloudy with scattered storms possible. Highs in the upper 80s.
  • Wednesday: San Juan, P.R. - Partly cloudy with highs near 90. Chance for thundershowers.
  • Thursday: Grand Turk - Mostly sunny with highs near 90.
  • Friday: At Sea - Partly cloudy, seas predicted to be 3-6 feet.
  • Saturday AM: Disembark

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